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Experience an Evening of Reflection and Renewal

Join Us for

Evening Grace

  • Experience the power of collective prayer and meditation

  • Gain insights and inspiration for personal growth

  • Experience the presence and grace of God for your life and business

  • A transformative gathering for personal growth and spiritual rejuvenation.

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    Discover the transformative power of Evening Grace

    What is Evening Grace?

    The Bonus Gathering That Removes Business Boundaries

    Evening Grace is a special event held each night during The Financiers' Forum, designed to offer attendees an opportunity for spiritual growth and personal ministry. It provides a nurturing environment where individuals can receive prayer, counsel, healing, and divine wisdom, aimed at enhancing both their personal and professional lives. Open to people of all faiths and backgrounds, Evening Grace serves as an inclusive space for spiritual exploration and personal development.

    Dr. GreeneBarr's vision for The Financiers' Forum is rooted in her belief in the transformative power of integrating faith, creativity, and specialized competencies for personal and business success. Evening Grace directly supports this vision by fostering spiritual growth and wisdom, which in turn, empowers individuals to make better decisions, build stronger relationships, and ultimately, achieve greater success in their lives and businesses.

    The mission of The Financiers' Forum is to provide attendees with the knowledge, skills, and support needed to start, scale, or shift their businesses and lives. By offering Evening Grace as an integral part of the conference, the mission is furthered by addressing the spiritual aspect of personal and professional growth. This allows attendees to develop a holistic approach to their lives, integrating their spiritual experiences with their business pursuits, ultimately leading to more meaningful and sustainable success.

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    Evening Grace is LIVE & IN PERSON 

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    July 25 - 26, 2024

    5:00 PM Nightly



    Chapel Hill, NC

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    Experience the Power Of Collective Prayer & Meditation

    Evening Grace is a complimentary event that offers you the opportunity to explore your spirituality, make meaningful connections, and find inner peace.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Evening Grace?

    Evening Grace is a special event held each night during The Financiers' Forum, offering attendees an opportunity to experience spiritual counsel, prayer, and personal ministry. It is designed to help individuals enhance their personal and professional lives through spiritual growth and wisdom.

    Do I have to be a Christian to attend Evening Grace?

    No, Evening Grace is open to everyone, regardless of their religious beliefs or background. The event aims to provide a supportive and inclusive environment for all attendees to explore their spirituality and personal growth.

    Is attendance at Evening Grace mandatory for The Financiers' Forum participants?

    No, attendance at Evening Grace is not mandatory. It is an optional event for those who wish to deepen their spiritual connection and receive guidance in their personal and professional lives.

    Is there a separate fee for attending Evening Grace?

    No, Evening Grace is a free event for all who wish to attend. There are no additional costs or entrance fees.

    What preparations should I make before attending Evening Grace?

    The main preparation for attending Evening Grace is to have an open heart and a willingness to receive from the spiritual experience. Bring an attitude of expectation and a readiness to hear from the heart of the Lord.

    Can I bring a friend or family member to Evening Grace?

    Yes, Evening Grace is open to the public, and you are more than welcome to bring friends or family members who may be interested in exploring their spirituality and personal growth.

    What should I expect from the Evening Grace experience?

    Evening Grace is designed to provide attendees with a supportive and nurturing environment for spiritual exploration and growth. Expect a powerful experience that includes prayer, counsel, healing, and divine wisdom, aimed at helping you find balance and harmony in your personal and professional life.

    Experience the Power Of Collective Prayer & Meditation

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    Free and open to the public

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